volleyball tournament

Volleyball tournament 2016 (one day / mixed teams)

FSCA is proud to host the 2016 Mixed Team Volleyball Tournament.
With 15 days to go, the suspense is rising. Which team is going to be this year’s champion?

Event details:

May 14, 2016
Sporthal Luchtbal
Santiagostraat 2
2030 Antwerpen

The participating teams:

team 2
team 2

Rules and regulations of the volleyball tournament

1. Volleyball mix ladies/men “ONE DAY” tournament
2. Participation fee: €120
3. This tournament is a single round robin best of 3 frame (25 points) competing each other.
a. Top 2 teams at the end of round robin will be automatically in for the championship final.
b. In case of a tie, the highest and lowest score in a match will be applied.
4. A team may consist 12 players with min. 3 women and max. 3 men on the field.
5. Two “time outs” in one minute can be requested;
6. Every participation team needs to present a referee.
7. It’s not allowed to bring food or drinks into the sport center. Only water.
8. The FSCA technical committee will be fully responsible under the guidance of the FSCA chairman for the entire tournament hence any protest must be referred to them.
9. Everybody is requested to behave properly during the games and respect the regulations inside the sport center.
10. FSCA is not responsible for any injury during the tournament.

Please confirm your attendance and receive more details about the event.

For more information our Facebook page or contact us at info@fsca.be

Oktoberfest 2015 with Pinoy Piliton

At the end of every cycling season the #PinoyPiliton have a final cycling event. The ride is about 100km long and can take up to 5-7 hours to complete. This event comes around the same period with the ‘Oktoberfest’ festivities in Germany. Somewhere between the end of September and begin October the cycling team are looking forward to ride their bikes on the beautiful up and down roads of Germany.


Its a full weekend where the guys can do all of the stuff that doesn’t involve the wife’s, girlfriends and kids.

Cycling + beer = man-cation


  • Friday they leave Belgium and arrive in Germany at night.
  • Saturday morning the tour starts
  • Saturday evening the party begins (German food and beer)
  • Sunday during the day is a chill moment (relaxing/swimming/sight seeing)
  • Sunday evening back to Belgium

Interested in joining the group and the events? Or just want some more information about the cycling team Pinoy Piliton? Go to their Facebook page: > https://www.facebook.com/groups/pilitoners/


Basketball practise

Basketball practise sessions 2016

This coming Saturday (30th January) we start the weekly basketball practise in the Koninklijk Atheneum Sporthal in Berchem. With the kick-off of the basketball season we want to call upon all FSCA members to be present and support the youth!

If you have great ideas for a fundraising event, they are more than welcome.
We tend to seek events where we can join as a group like running for charity.

View the complete calendar to check out our planned events in 2016.

Basketball practise

The practise starts at 18:00 to 21:00

Uitbreidingstraat 246
2600 Berchem

The sporthal is reachable  by tram 15 or 2 (step over on tram 7) and busses 32 or 21

For more info contact us by email on info@fsca.be or give us a shout on our FSCA Facebook page!